Name’s Andy Stager.

I’m a PhD student in theology at Trinity College Bristol / Aberdeen University, where I’m writing my dissertation on something about divine and human love, and perhaps a new articulation of ‘conversion,’ based on the philosophy and theology of Jean-Luc Marion, with heavy doses of Saint Augustine for good measure.

But I live in Seoul, South Korea, with my family, where I’m delighted to teach theology, philosophy, and serve as a chaplain at Yongsan International School of Seoul. We really love Seoul.

Before moving to Seoul, I planted and pastored Hill City Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina with my friend Daniel Wells.

Here’s 3 videos that will give you an idea of what we were up to, and what they’re still, in fact, up to:

    Sabbath    //    Neighborhood    //    Vocation

I’ve also helped my wife Ellie LaVeer Stager start her bow tie business, The Cordial Churchman. At any given moment, she’s 20-30% more successful than me.


Dulcis Veritas means “sweet-flowing truth.” It’s a phrase from Augustine’s Confessions that describes how he, how we all, finally, hopefully, and always belatedly, receive truth. For him, and I think for all of us, it rarely happens sweetly at first. Almost always it’s truth-by-ordeal. We usually hate it before we love it. And so long as we don’t yet love it, we don’t really know it. But then our apprehension of its overwhelming beauty compels our submission to it, after which our true beholding of it finally commences.

I’ve begun writing under this heading during Christmas 2015, thanks much to my wife’s encouragement.

Gardens Don’t Launch was the former name of this site. Under that heading, I compiled a collection of church planting proverbs, which I’ve decided to leave put in case they might be helpful to others. They’re not all always applicable in every circumstance. But they’re much more than hunches; they’ve been distilled from concrete experience in the trenches of a church plant as we tried to focus on the mission of God in a particular place.

They’re attempts at distilling lessons in leadership, vision, teamwork, execution, workflow, missional living in community, and the application of the gospel in the context of the church planting journey.

I certainly welcome your comments and reflections.




One thought on “About

  1. Good to hear people like you who wants to see the expansion of the work of God,also fulfiling the great commission that has become the greatest ommission. We thank God the good work that you are doing.

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