Resolution Requires Another

Half of us will fail to follow through with our New Years resolutions before January 7th. Less than 10% of us will integrate our resolutions into our lives permanently.

On the other hand, those who make resolutions are FAR more likely than those who merely try to change to actually experience sustained life change.

There is data. These are acts.

There are 2 takeaways from my perspective:

1. Why not identify the 1-2 life changes that will make the greatest difference in your contribution to the human community, starting with those closest to you, and seriously commit to those changes? It makes sense to do so.

12034182_10154276706450656_3010662231232341544_o.jpg2. If you don’t know and experience transcendent grace from someone who loves you (and is not you), you’re not likely to become a better person by year’s end, because you will fail to one degree or another.

The courage to resolve anew comes from the face of another–and perhaps the same person–saying both “Will you change, for me?” and “Regardless of how it pans out, I pledge my love.”

It is the gaze of another, looking you in the eye with both grace and truth, with both invitation and challenge, that provokes a true resolution and sustains it when there is not enough guts within to keep on keeping on.


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