4 Pastoral Takeaways from the Michael Bay Meltdown

1. You’re a pastor, not a consumer electronics keynote speaker. Pastors shepherd sheep. They don’t read off tele-prompters.

2. If you, as a pastor, sympathize with Michael Bay’s meltdown, you are probably performing more than pastoring. You should sympathize with him personally, but not professionally.

3. Church planting is entrepreneurial stuff. Innovative stuff. But if you’re ever in a situation where you can’t speak off the cuff and from the heart about why you’re compelled to press your entrepreneurial passion into a church plant, then you’re not doing it right.

4. The same goes for preaching. I can understand how it’s frightening when you lose your manuscript or notes. But you know your text, right? So tell us you lost your notes, your computer crashed, your dog ate your manuscript, or whatever. And then tell us what’s so great about Jesus, and what fruit he’s calling us to bear. No big deal.

Did I say 4 takeaways?

5. Even our monologues should be ‘dialogical’. Did you see how Bay’s MC was trying to engage him in conversation to save the day? If you’ve merely got ‘brute facts’ to transmit from one consciousness to another, always and only in one direction, then you’re doing it wrong. If you love the thing you’re talking about, you ought to be able to connect with another soul about it without too much trouble.

6. Say a prayer for Michael Bay. He’s probably feeling pretty awful. Then pray for yourself and fellow pastors — specifically that they’ll never be tempted to create the kind of environment in a church that would cause a meltdown if a piece of technology failed.

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