Impostor Syndrome is the Real Impostor

On 3 separate occasions today my wife found herself unmasking the self-doubt of good friends. Each of these ladies felt that they had no business standing up and saying “I’m a woman. I am good at this. I am pursing that. I plan to make these.”


Seth Godin has elaborated on an ailment that plagues otherwise ambitious entrepreneurs. He calls it the “Impostor Syndrome”.

Everyone from a blogger to a brand new small business owner to President Obama has to deal with it. You ask yourself what the heck you’re doing doing what you’re doing when others have much more business doing the doing than you do.

(Still with me?)

The reality is, the Kingdom of God doesn’t need impostors. But neither does it need valuable players sitting on the sidelines because they can’t shake their Impostor Syndrome.

Don’t take yourself so seriously that you manifestly become an impostor. But take Jesus and the good works he’s called you to walk in very seriously. He’s prepared them from before the foundation of the world. Take these things so seriously that you recognize and unmask Impostor’s Syndrome when its symptoms—fear and pussyfooting—present themselves.

Your Impostor Syndrome is the real impostor.

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