Special Announcement: Introducing Gospel Neighboring

My colleague Daniel Wells and I have a few treats for you coming in the first week of October.

‘Gospel Neighboring’

We’re joining forces to discuss the art and discipline of gospel neighboring—bringing the truth, goodness, and beauty of Jesus to bear on our cities, one neighborhood at a time. And we’ll be doing this in several exciting ways.

Illustration by Sara McAllister

Illustration by Sara McAllister

The Gospel Neighboring Podcast

We’ve got 5 episodes of our brand new podcast already in the can, with another 8 lined up before syndication goes live on the iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Blackberry podcast directories.


We plan to release at least 3 episodes each week, in at least two content formats:

Gospel Neighboring Interviews

We’re pulling tons of gospel neighboring practitioners up to the mic to get their stories.

They’ll walk us through their working definition of gospel neighboring. They’ll tell us about times when their efforts to be a gospel neighbor have fallen flat. They’ll share stories of times when Jesus bore great fruit through their faithful and skillful gospel neighboring. And they’ll share some of their favorite resources for the journey of gospel neighboring.

Gospel Neighboring Book Mash-Ups

We read a lot—especially Daniel.

Every week we’ll carve up a book that one of us has read—sacred and secular books alike—and make direct application to the practice of bringing the truth, goodness, and beauty of Jesus to bear on our cities, starting with our immediate neighbors.

Some of the books we’ll strip mine for practical gospel neighboring wisdom early on are Timothy Keller’s Center Church and Jason Fried and David Hansson’s ReWork.

Countdown to Launch : 10 Church Planting Rules Worth Breaking

Daniel and I are excited to let you know that we’re writing a book.

We’ve taken ten of the ‘best practices’ of church start-ups and we tell how we ignored, broke, or failed to keep these ‘rules’. We’ll start with number 10 and countdown to a glorious non-launch. The result is not nearly so much of an arrogant dismissal of received wisdom as you might guess. It’s more of a set of vignettes weaving our unique story of church planting.

What you’ll learn, of course, is that gospel neighboring is the heartbeat of our church planting efforts. It wasn’t always, but we’ve stumbled into these convictions and then stumbled into patterns, practices, rhythms, and priorities that have begun to enact these convictions in concrete, communal ways.

We’ve conscripted our enormously talented friend and co-conspirator, illustrator Stephen Crotts, to deck Countdown to Launch with hand-drawn illustrations.

And best of all, the e-book version of Countdown to Launch will be FREE.

Website, Facebook, and Twitter

When all this goes down, gospelneighboring.com will go up.

In the mean time, head on over to the Gospel Neighboring Facebook Page and ‘Like’ it so you can be in the loop. And grab our Twitter handle while you’re at it.

All this gospel neighboring goodness is coming the first week of October!

Be sure to subscribe HERE to be notified when this all happens.


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