Find Yourself a Paul

When I finish writing this, I’m going to hop in the car and head an hour northwest to the edge of the Smokies for my first day of fly fishing–with my good friend Casey, whose fly fishing credentials include fishing the trout streams of Alaska and Montana.

I’m inspired, having listened to a good chunk of the audio book A River Runs Through It last evening. And having read the book and seen the film about 10 times in the last 5 years.

The great fly fisherman of Western Montana is Paul Maclean. You watch him and listen to him when he fly fishes. You don’t always like the things you hear and see because they implicate you as a lame fly fisherman by comparison. Tough.

You’re going to pastor or plant a church? For the first time? You better become a Timothy and find yourself a Paul. What you learn and receive and hear and see in him, practice those things.

Practice them before you hit the water for the first time. Not for 10,000 hours, of course, because the fish are in the river and not the meadow.

And then go into the river with him.


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