Take Your Soul to Market


Photo by Sara McAllister

The Puritans of the Seventeenth Century were proponents of hard work, and it’s because of them that the phrase “the Protestant ethic” came into currency. But the Puritans were also Sabbatarians. They said that from Monday through Saturday, you went into the marketplace, you engaged in commerce, you ran your household, and you fulfilled your God-given callings. But on the Sabbath day, they said, your soul went to market. Sunday was “the market day of the soul.”

I’d be delighted if you’d continue reading this post at my friend Hilary Bernstein’s great new blog about holistic, intentional stewardship. I’m honored to be among the first contributors. I look forward to writing more for her, and to learning from my fellow contributors.

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2 thoughts on “Take Your Soul to Market

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