Do Grunt Work AND ‘Sweet Spot’ Work

There are 3 kinds of pastors and church planters:

1. The kind who does everything from brewing the coffee to preaching because they’re the hired hand and that’s what everyone’s paying them to do.

2. The kind who only does the professional stuff because they’re the professional and that’s what they were trained to do.

3. The kind who does everything from brewing the coffee to preaching to vacuuming because they’re just like every other member of the body.


In the first case, the pastor runs the church and everyone pays him to do it.

In the second case, the pastor does his special work, the “volunteers” do the grunt work, and the rest of the folks pay, sit, and watch.

In the third case, the pastor works both inside and outside of his sweet spot, just like the rest of the body. The pastor’s sweet spot just happens to be preaching and administration. Another’s sweet spot might be cooking. Another’s is hospitality. Another’s is mercy ministry. Another’s is visual art. Another’s is music.

But everybody’s gonna need to run the vacuum cleaner, take out the trash, stack the chairs, turn out the lights, lock the building. Especially in a church plant.

Don’t be a hired hand.

Don’t be a professional.

Don’t ever say “volunteer”.

Do work inside your sweet spot. Also, do grunt work. This is how the family of God gets to be family.

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