Thank your heroes

I just met Tim Keller.

I told him that he was probably responsible for the fact that I’m planting a church, and I thanked him. He asked “where?” and I told him that I was in Rock Hill. He seemed to know of it, probably because he’s a long-time colleague of Shelton Sanford at Westminster Church. The worship service here at the PCA General Assembly was about to start, so we didn’t have time to say much else. That’s probably good, because I was nervous.


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to meet someone who’s been such a massive influence on me, though so remotely.

Sinclair Ferguson came to be our pastor at First Pres Columbia at a time when I was vocationally confused and pretty desperate for a gospel to come at me spiritually more than polemically. He is a huge influence. He’s also here today.

But Keller was the one who taught me that Jesus is astonishing, and so astonishing that friends and neighbors and cities need to be confronted by his astonishing-ness through freshly-astonished disciples. And that’s pretty much changed my life.

Thank you Jesus for Tim Keller.


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