Answer Questions

“Answers come after questions, not before.” – Rosaria Butterfield

A bigmouth like me has had to learn to listen. Like an Aspergers child who has to be taught how he would automatically respond were he able to naturally sympathize, an extrovert like me has to learn what it’s like to be a “sociotypical” person who waits for the question before providing the “answers”.

I thought I’d share with you this interview. It’s ironic that they removed the questions from the published interview format, because now it looks like I’m just providing answers to no questions at all! But I assure you, they supplied questions, and I answered them in their order. Ha.

They asked me about Ellie’s business The Cordial Churchman, about what I wear, about how I got interested in clothing, about what it’s like to have a small business, about where I’ve been educationally and vocationally, and about what really gets me going.

I hope you enjoy. Read here.

(And if you need to practice your Finnish, you can read the interview in that elegant Northern European language when you’re done with the English interview.)


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